Passion connects our people and nurtures our actions and projects. It feeds our dreams and pushes us to do our best. It incites us to look ahead and to fully devote ourselves. It helps us address challenges and to continue to improve. It’s a positive energy we try to convey, also through the pictures illustrated in our integrated report.

Illustrations of sustainability

We selected Stefano Marra’s illustrations, as they are truly representative of positivity and trust, two essential elements needed to build the future. They’re colorful, lively and full of passion. We need passion to take care of our planet and all its living creatures.


Stefano Marra 2022

Stefano is an Italian Illustrator and art director. His work transforms a concept or message into a clear idea. He loves Totò and plays basketball.

WE, Sofidel. Our 2023 Calendar

“We, Sofidel. Our Passions Fuel Our Future,” conceived to give life to the 2023 calendar, is dedicated to our people’s passions and talents. It is the fruit of those who intelligently and sensibly enhance corporate life each day.
Together, we revealed the passions that inspire our daily work. 13 shots were depicted. Fun pictures full of life: sports, art, music, DIYs, gardening, cooking and much more, all reinterpreted through the lens of the photographer Pietro Paolini.

We, Sofidel. Food Stories. The dishes that tell our story

“We, Sofidel. Food Stories. The dishes that tell our story” is the 2024 edition of the Sofidel calendar, that is all about cooking and celebrating the sharing and coming together that each dish brings.

The shots, entrusted to photographers Francesca Brambilla and Serena Serrani, wanted to capture 13 unique moments during a two-day event of sharing and discussion, representative of the values of a community spirit, one which is at the heart of Sofidel’s corporate culture.