Sofidel works every day to ensure a socially, environmentally, and economically responsible supply chain. Our goal is to increase the sustainability and resilience of the suppliers we work with, because we can have a greater and stronger positive impact together. As a result, we were among the first companies to adopt the ISO 20400 guidelines, an international standard which allows to integrate sustainability within our procurement policy.

The fight against corruption, human rights, labor and the environment are at the center of our sustainability concept. An approach Sofidel undertakes to apply to the entire supply chain.

Supplier assessment

Together with Global Compact Network Italy, of which we are a member since 2013, we developed a system for assessing the sustainability of our suppliers. Inspired by the 10 principles of Global Compact, it’s called TenP Paper and allows to assess the supply chain according to four areas: working conditions, respect for human rights, safeguarding of the environment and fight against corruption.
Depending on the scores achieved on TenP Paper, suppliers are divided into three categories: Excellent, or those who achieved a high score in all areas, Sustainable, or those who achieved a good level of sustainability, but still have some weaknesses, and Unsustainable, or those who still have to work to be in line with our principles.
We worked very hard to improve the sustainability of our suppliers and 98% of Sofidel’s supplies now come from Excellent or Sustainable suppliers.

Preference for local suppliers

Whenever possible, Sofidel prefers to select local suppliers to promote local development and have a positive impact on the local economy. Our assessment considers a supplier’s sustainability, level of competence and product category, elements which are not always present in all countries.



Secretary General UN Global Compact Network Italy

New challenges

For Sofidel, it’s essential to continue to promote sustainability throughout the supply chain. In 2023, we will focus on five challenges:

  • Continuing to involve and motivate the purchasing team to select ethical and responsible suppliers, by ensuring a part of the end-of-year bonus depends on suppliers’ performance in terms of sustainability.
  • Extending the TenP-Paper assessment system to second- and third-tier suppliers, starting with the cellulose suppliers.
  • Implementing an on-field audit process to check the information provided in the TenP Paper questionnaire.
  • Promoting the sustainability of small to medium sized companies through training initiatives and by sharing best practices.
  • Sharing the New Code of Conduct with Suppliers, which code defines the requirements needed to work with Sofidel and methods used to manage any discrepancy.

FUTURE and the 3SAward

To promote sustainability among our suppliers, we developed Future, the magazine on ESG themes and best practices aimed at helping us build a better world together.
Moreover, we created the Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award (3SAward), the recognition used to reward the suppliers that stood out for their social and environmental commitment. The 3SAward is a time for discussing and sharing with our supply chain, wherein we invite international experts to further explore the most urgent challenges humanity has to address.