We operate according to the entire Group’s shared values – integrity, honesty and fairness – and to actions which positively impact the environment and society.
The approach is based on the transparency of the results, prompt analysis of the economic and financial trends and existence and management of risks. To implement a truly sustainable growth and development, we report our investments in a constant and transparent way.

Creating value means taking care of the environment and building a positive relationship with our stakeholders, whether individuals and families, communities and territories, society or the planet as a whole.

At Sofidel, we believe that companies have a responsibility to play a fundamental role not only in terms of the production and distribution of goods and services, but also in guaranteeing long-term economic, social and environmental benefits (shared value) for all stakeholders and at all stages of the value creation chain.

Global added value

The Global Added Value generated by the Group in 2022 is equal to 2,870 million euros, of which 8.1% is retained within the company, while the remaining 91.9% is distributed among external stakeholders: the State, Suppliers of goods and services, capital Suppliers, Consumers and Workers.


In 2022, Sofidel’s investments were focused on the American (34%) and English (22%) plants to enhance the production lines and improve their efficiency. Moreover, we completed the construction of an innovative automated warehouse in Poland, where self-driving trucks are used to transport products from the plant to the warehouse.